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Bring a Thingery to your neighbourhood and start sharing more.

We work with community groups, stratas, developers, social/co-operative housing and planners to build equipment lending libraries in community spaces.

Build a resource in your community that reduces a person’s ecological footprint, lowers barriers to accessing equipment, strengthens social connections, and assists in emergency preparedness.

We design our sites to meet the needs of the community and fit in the spaces that are available. Our modular design can accommodate to spaces large and small, our custom access control system allows for safe and secure storage and our self-checkout system extends users' access to each site.

What do you need to start a Thingery?

A Local Champion or Community Group

This person/group is vital to understanding where a Thingery could be located and can connect us to local residents so that we can understand their unique equipment sharing needs.

An underutilized Physical Space

Our modular design can accommodate to spaces large and small. Ideally the site proposed is indoors and easily accessible to residents.

Equipment to Share

Each Thingery site strives to have an inventory that is at least 75% donated. We heavily rely on community members and local businesses to donate equipment.

Steps to Starting a Thingery

Step 1
Connect with the Thingery Team

Fill out our intake form and someone from our team will be in touch to set up a call to get to know your vision for the Thingery space.

Step 2
Site Tour

After a call with our team, we conduct a site tour. Here we take the measurements of the space and determine the feasibility of the site.

Step 3
Site and Inventory Design

Our design team drafts up floor plans and renderings of the proposed site. At this stage, we also engage with local residents to understand their level of interest in borrowing and what they want to borrow.

Step 4
Site Build & Launch

Once our draft design and inventory are approved, we install the components of the site. This can include a combination of custom storage space and our locker system.

Step 5
Members Join and Borrow Items

Neighbourhood residents register to become members of their local Thingery site. Once a member, they can check items in and out using our self-checkout kiosk.

Hours of operation, fees and inventory is developed in consultation with the local champion.

Step 6
Monthly Maintenance Service

The Thingery will conduct regular site check-ins, conduct repairs & maintenance on items and provide member support.

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"Our dream is that every community, no matter its size or location, has access to a Thingery that provides its members with the equipment they need to pursue their passions.”