our team

The Thingery has put together an amazing team of programmers, designers, and architects to facilitate our growth into new regions.

This dynamic team has been hard at work getting the new site design ready for permit applications, conducting extensive member research, rebranding, and designing a better user experience for the sites.

Chris Diplock

CEO and Founder of the Thingery

As CEO, Chris leads the Thingery’s development and architecture teams. Chris manages outreach into new communities and is committed to growing The Thingery into regions all around the world.

Development Team

The Thingery’s development team consists of full stack app developers and UX/UI designers. Our membership has been asking for a better tech system and now we’re ready to deliver it. We’ve designed our own mobile app to manage our inventory, membership, and site access. Testing is currently underway and a full version release is expected in September of 2021.

UI/UX Designer
Lead Designer

Architecture Team

In order to better serve our communities, The Thingery's design and architecture teams have been working on a full system redesign, including the architecture, functionality, and user experience.

Site Designer

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"Our dream is that every community, no matter its size or location, has access to a Thingery that provides its members with the equipment they need to pursue their passions.”