Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is directed towards individuals who are looking to start a Thingery in their region. For more information on pricing for our Vancouver region - see the pricing section below.
Great question! We’d love to help establish a Thingery in your region. Please check out our “Starting a Thingery” page to learn more.


A standard Thingery site footprint is 36’ x 8’. This includes the 20’ x 8’ shipping container and our exterior workshop and repair spaces.

Yes. The Thingery is committed to demonstrating new forms of public infrastructure and through piloting, we have determined that this form is the best way to pilot in new regions.

Each Thingery site is semi-permanent. We secure the site down for safety and security purposes, but in the event the site needs to be moved, we can move it to a new location and have it up and running again in 4 hours.

Each Thingery site is powered by renewable energy, photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Minimal issues of vandalism and damage have been reported and they can regularly be dealt with during the weekly maintenance visits.

Each Thingery is self-service, members use our app to gain access to the site and do a self checkout of any equipment they’re looking to borrow.

We monitor each site 24/7 using our custom access control system. We also hire a local manager in each region to do weekly maintenance and equipment checks each week.



Monthly ($20)

Annual ($72)

Borrowing Fees

Class A


Class A



Class B


Class B


Class C


Class C


Late Fees

2 x Daily Fee

2 x Daily Fee

Cost to start a Thingery can vary from region to region. Please fill out our intake form for starting a Thingery here.


Typically 75 – 85% of all our inventory is donated from the local community

Find your regional Thingery here and then click donate.

No but we’d love to! Be in touch if you’re a local manufacturer or have connections to one.

To date, we’ve had to deal with very few instances of lost/stolen items. Less than 1% of all checkouts require additional action to retrieve them.


  • Every four months a local expert in one of our four categories (Tools, Household Appliances, Recreation and Event & Entertainment. Plus a wild card category) is selected to curate the inventory and programming for each Thingery. 
  • As part of their residence with us, they will conduct introductory and repair workshops.

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"Our dream is that every community, no matter its size or location, has access to a Thingery that provides its members with the equipment they need to pursue their passions.”