Looking to start a Thingery?

We've got a few great ways to get a Thingery in your community:

  1. The Next 10 - We're currently doing engagement in 10 neighbourhoods in Vancouver. If you live in the region, add your voice to a engagement survey and help start one, more...
  2. Book the Thingery Mobile and pilot a Thingery in your community for a week, more....

Steps to starting a Thingery:

Community Interest

We host an initial meet-up with interested community members. We agree on a site location for the Thingery and consult with community members on the site design.

Site Approval

We work with the local municipality to obtain approval for the site location and design.

Co-op Established

Once the site is approved, we move forward to establish the local branch. Each Thingery branch is a non-profit co-operative. We work with the local group to establish the rules, leadership and all administrative assets for the local branch.

Build & Inventory

Once the local group is established, we help set up the container, the inventory and the inventory management system.


With the container all set up, we help launch the new location. All locations are set up with their own web page and inventory page. The Thingery parent organization takes care of all the ongoing operations (customer support, maintenance and software needs).

Next Steps...

Setting up a Thingery is simple. To start one in your community click the button on the right and fill out the site registration form. We'll be in touch shortly to talk more with you.