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We're very excited to have this neighbourhood be the site for our North Vancouver Thingery. We have already engaged with local community members community events and conversations.

We will be launching the Lower Lonsdale Thingery branch in the late summer of 2018.

Thingery Location

The City of North Vancouver Thingery will be located between St. Georges Ave and Lonsdale Ave on 1st Street. The container will be parked on the North side of 1st Street in the grassy clearing.

Progress to date:

Community Interest (approved)

In March of 2018, we hosted our initial site planning workshop at the North Shore Neighbourhood House. We engaged with several community members to help plan the site. If you missed it, you can give us feedback on the site here: https://goo.gl/9qfvco

Site Approval (approved)

In Februay of 2018, we worked with the City of North Vancouver to select a site for the Thingery.

Co-op Established (pending)

Once the site is approved, we move forward to establish the local branch. Each Thingery branch is a non-profit co-operative. We work with the local group to establish the rules, leadership and all administrative assets for the local branch.

Build & Inventory (pending)

Once the local group is established, we help set up the container, the inventory and the inventory management system.

Launch (pending)

With the container all set up, we help launch the new location. All locations are set up with their own web page and inventory page. The Thingery parent organization takes care of all the ongoing operations (customer support, maintenance and software needs).


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